Ali Qasim Mohabies

Department of Pedodontic and Preventive Dentistry, College of Dentistry, University of Baghdad, Iraq


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    Effect of Energy Drinks in Relation to Enamel Dissolution
    Author(s): Ali Qasim Mohabies* and Nibal Mohammad Hoobi

    Background: dental erosion has become a significant public health issue, and it has been linked to an increase in the intake of energy drinks which containing besides calories, other ingredients that effect on general and oral health. Aim of the study: this study was conducted to determine the effect of energy drinks on enamel dissolution in relation to their pH and calcium content. Materials and methods: The sample of this study was consisted of (40) sound maxillary first premolars teeth extracted for orthodontic purpose. The experiment included three study groups which were treated with different types of energy drinks depending on its chemical composition and one control group treated with deionized water .Each group included 10 enamel samples for weight change measurement. PH and calcium content of selected EDs were measured. Result: Enamel samples which were treated with type (C).. Read More»

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