Almusabahi A

Abdulaziz Almusabahi Consultant Radiologist, MOH, Saudi Arabia


  • Research   
    The needs of radiology technologists in radiology departments in Saudi Arabian hospitals
    Author(s): Alhozaimi AH*, Almusabahi A and Almesned AF

    Background: The workforce is a critical component of any organization, and therefore organizations around the world pay attention to human resources (HR) in work design. A strategic plan for HR needs a scientific approach, in order to determine HR needs and allow employees to perform their work duties with high quality and efficiency. In Saudi Arabia, the number of radiology technologists required in radiology departments is determined based on hospital capacity. Aim: The aim of this study was to generate a standardized equation based on the number of imaging machines to calculate the radiology technologist needs in radiology departments in Saudi Arabia in order to operate radiology machines properly. Method: the researcher analyzed the work stages involved in a radiology exam and calculated the number to be used in the calculation. Microsoft Excel was used because it was convenient a.. Read More»

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