Amer Abdulrahman Al-Shikhdaher

Department of Food Science, College of Agriculture Engineering sciences, University of Baghdad, Iraq


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    The Relation of Probiotic Treatment to Periodontal Pocket in Comparison to Chlorohexidine
    Author(s): Alaa Omran Ali*, Amer Abdulrahman Al-Shikhdaher, Rahem Alziadi and Wesal A Al- Obaidi

    Background: Probiotics are harmless bacteria usually isolated from human commensal microbiota. The most commonly used species of probiotics belong to the Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, Escherichia, present in GIT and plaque. Aim of the study to compare the effect of probiotic paste in periodontal pocket with chlorhexidine Materials and Methods: 25 patients with chronic periodontitis enrolled in this study, spilt mouth technique for applying the probiotic paste and compare with other side which is chlorhexidine paste, pocket depth measure before and after treatment statistical analysis perform by SPSS program. Results: Showed that a significant effect in the severities of pocket in side which treat with probiotic. Conclusions: On conclusion the probiotic have significant effe.. Read More»

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