Amit Reche

Department of Public Health Dentistry, Sharad Pawar Dental College, DMIMS, Wardha, India


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    Antibacterial and Anti-cariogenic Nanoparticles Implementation in Orthodontics - A State of the Art Review
    Author(s): Shamli D Dhakulkar*, Vikrant V Jadhav, Priyanka Paul and Amit Reche

    “Nanoparticles (NPs) are defined as a sub-ionized colloidal structure composed of synthetic or semi-synthetic polymers." These materials range from 10-100nm at least in one dimension. The purpose of innovation and research about various anti-microbial and anti-caries NPs is to improve human health and life. It is challenging for individuals and dentists as the oral pathway is the most complicated, and the fortification of this channel is essential as this site is favorable for microorganisms to grow. The most significant cause of caries is a plaque attached to the tooth. This Plaque biofilm also leads to other dental (Gingival) disorders and protects microorganisms from getting destroyed by the host defense mechanism. To overcome this problem, adhesive, cement, or acrylic resins have been incorporated with unique anti-microbial properties. These include nano-?llers and vari.. Read More»

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