Anastasia Vladimirovna Efremova

Penza State University, Penza, Russia


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    Sex-Dependent Differences of the Greater Palatine Foramen and the Greater Palatine Canal
    Author(s): Oleg Vitalievich Kalmin*, Anastasia Vladimirovna Efremova and Larisa Alekseevna Zyulkina

    The study aimed to identify sex-dependent differences in the morphology of the greater palatine foramen and greater palatine canal in people of the first period of adulthood. The object of the study was 261 people aged 21 to 35 years (the first period of adulthood; 132 females and 129 males). Cone-beam computed tomograms were used to determine the number of greater palatine foramina, their shape, anteroposterior and medio-distal diameters, the length of the greater palatine canal, its shape, and its medio-distal and anteroposterior diameters in the upper, middle, and lower thirds of the canal. It was found that the most common form of the greater palatine foramen in persons of both sexes was the oval shape, elongated in the anterior-posterior direction, and the rarest form was the helical shape. The size of the medio-distal and anteroposterior diameters of the greater palatine foramen.. Read More»

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