Anna A Avetisyan

Department of Therapeutic Stomatology, Yerevan State Medical University, Armenia


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    Clinical Case of Root Resorption Due to Improper Orthodontic Treatment
    Author(s): Artak G Heboyan* and Anna A Avetisyan

    The article presents a case of tooth root resorption due to improper orthodontic treatment. Before the orthodontic treatment, it is necessary to diagnose the anomaly precisely, to plan and correspondingly carry out a proper treatment, considering the direction, magnitude and duration of the orthodontic forces, individual peculiarities and risk factors in every clinical case to avoid complications and achieve a successful outcome. All above-mentioned, if not taken into consideration, leads to various complications such as root resorption. The peculiarity of the presented clinical case is that X-ray examination was neglected both at the stage of diagnosis and treatment planning and during treatment. The treatment lasted more than three years. As a result, the patient developed certain complaints and presented to our clinic with loose teeth and toothache. After appropriate examinations, .. Read More»

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