Antonio Serpa Barrientos

Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Lima, Peru


  • Research   
    Network Analysis of Posttraumatic Growth and Posttraumatic Stress Symptomatology in Covid-19 Infected Peruvian Adults
    Author(s): Cristian Ramos-Vera* and Antonio Serpa Barrientos

    The aim was to estimate the network analysis between indicators of stress and posttraumatic growth in Peruvian adults infected with COVID-19. A total of 456 Peruvian adults were studied, and two self-report health measures were applied in Spanish: Impact of event scale-6 (IES-6) and Posttraumatic Growth Inventory- Short Form (PTGI-SF). The research was quantitative and correlational in nature, evaluated by means of a Gaussian graphical model of partial correlations and the stability of network relationships were verified by Bootstraping. The most central negative posttraumatic symptoms were between intrusive thoughts and avoidance of intrusive thoughts by COVID-19 (E3 and E5). In the PTGI-SF domain, measures of higher centrality were reported for appreciation for life and religious faith (C2 and C9). The reagent associated with life appreciation (C2) plays the role of intermediary bet.. Read More»

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