Apeksha M Wakde

Basic B.Sc. IV year Nursing, India


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    Case Report on Pleural Effusion with Cardiac Tamponade with Small Lymphocytic Lymphoma with Insertion of Permanent Pigtail Catheter with Splenomegaly and Hepatomegaly
    Author(s): Apeksha M Wakde*

    Introduction: Pleural effusion is defined as a collection of fluid in the pleural cavity that is larger than normal. When 300 ml or more of fluid is present on x-rays, it can be noticed, and when 500 ml or more is present clinically, it can be detected. Cardiac tamponade is defined as the accumulation of massive volumes of pericardial fluid in the heart, resulting in abrupt heart failure. The stroke and heart outputs are both decreasing. The insertion of a pigtail catheter is a reliable and safe way to drain pleural fluid. Lymphocytic lymphoma is lymphoid cell proliferation that is monoclonal, most of which are B-cells (70%) or T-cells (30%). It accounts for 5% of all newly diagnosed cancers but is on the rise globally. The information of the liver cells is hepatomegaly. The inflammation of the spleen is referred to as splenomegaly. Clinical Findings: my patient a 25-year-old male cam.. Read More»

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