Ashok Mehendale

Department of Community Medicine, Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences, India


  • Review   
    Importance of Amphotericin B in COVID-19: A Review Article
    Author(s): Sahil Kulhriya*, Sarika Dakhode and Ashok Mehendale

    Since its revelation, amphotericin B (AmB) has been quite possibly the most widely recognized first-line treatment for the treatment of aspiratory parasitic illnesses for north of 70 years after its disclosure. AmB, which has a place with the polyene bunch, shows a wide scope of antibacterial movement in vitro and in vivo against organisms and parasites. Protection from AmB is uncommon regardless of its inescapable use. As of late, a few investigations have zeroed in on the expected antibacterial impacts of AmB against a few wrapped infections like human immunodeficiency infection, Japanese encephalitis infection, and rubella infection. Covid is an envelope-positive RNA nucleic corrosive infection with a club-formed tip described by a trademark replication technique. They are round and at times polymorphic. COVID19 influences another sort of coronaviridae that previously showed up in .. Read More»

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