Athraa Mustafa Alwaheb

College of Dentistry, University of Baghdad, Iraq


  • Research   
    Dental Caries and its Relation to Salivary Calcium and Phosphate Among Soft Drinks Factory Workers
    Author(s): Safa Adnan Al-Tayar* and Athraa Mustafa Alwaheb

    Background: Soft drinks have many prospect health issues. It has both acidogenic and cariogenic effect due to its high content of acids and sugar. Soft beverages consuming was raised through the past some decades. This study was assumed to appreciate the physiochemical property of saliva with different frequencies of soft drinks consuming and its association with dental caries. This study aimed to study the influence of frequent consumption of soft bevarages on dental caries and its relation to calcium and phosphorus. Subjects and Methods: Sample is composed of 80 workers, there age was (27-40) years old, who was working in Al-Waha Soft Drink Company located in Karbala governorate in Iraq. The sample divided into five categories according to frequency of soft drinks consuming into: those with several times daily, once daily, .. Read More»

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