Ayushi Bhatnagar

The INCLEN Trust International, India


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    An Assessment of Spirituality and its Relationship to Stress with Special Reference to Post Graduation Diploma in Hospital and Health Management Student
    Author(s): Ayushi Bhatnagar*

    A growing number of researchers and organizations have started considering spirituality to be a critical component of effective management to reduce stress. Spiritual people have reduced stress. Health care managers suffer from work-related or occupational stress. Health care people need to be more spiritual, so that their stress level is less and they can easily provide care to the others who are ill and need a treatment. They believe that spirituality is essential for effective operations of an organization. Organizations are looking for the better-educated, new generation of managers who are not only intelligent, but also spiritual by nature. The purpose of the current research is to assess the preparedness of management students from spiritual perspective. Furthermore, it also explores the relationship between management students’ perception of their own sp.. Read More»

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