Dina Hamid Obaid

Department of Orthodontics, College of Dentistry, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq


  • Research   
    Assessment of Friction Among Nickel Free Orthodontic Brackets and Archwires Combinations in Wet Condition (An In-vitro Comparative Study)
    Author(s): Dina Hamid Obaid*, Dhiaa Jaafar AL-Dabagh and Esraa Saloman Jasim

    Background: Exposure to nickel-containing orthodontic appliances may cause intraoral or extraoral allergic reactions in patient with nickel-allergy. It is important to select a bracket and archwire combination that are nickel free and efficient during orthodontic treatment. Objective: to evaluate the static and kinetic frictional force generated by two types of nickel free metal brackets and three types of nickel free archwires in wet condition. Materials and Method: two types of brackets (cobalt chromium and nickel free stainless steel), coupled with three archwires (nickel free stainless steel, rhodium coated stainless steel, and titanium molybdenum) were used, ligated with conventional figure “O” elastomeric ligatures. Friction of 6 bracket/archwire combinations was measured by (Instron) machine with presence of artificial saliva. Each bracket/ wire was tested only once.. Read More»

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