Duygu Bilgil

Fenerbahce University, Vocational School of Health Services, Oral and Dental Health Associate Program, Istanbul, Turkey


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    Evaluation of the Relationship between Dentist Knowledge of the COVID-19 and the Using of the Rubber Dam in Endodontic Treatment
    Author(s): Duygu Bilgil and Elmas Pınar Kahraman Kilbaş*

    Purpose: The aim of this study is to assess the change of the using of rubber dam related to COVID-19 pandemic and knowledge of dentists about this virus. Material and Methods: A questionnaire developed by the researchers in our study was sent to dentists through various channels (university websites, social media) to fill out. A total of 389 participants participated in the study. The questionnaire consists of 3 parts and consists of 31 questions in total. In the first part, there are 8 questions about the demographic characteristics of the participants, 7 in the second part that evaluate the use of rubber dam by the dentists, and in the third part there are 16 questions that measure their knowledge level about COVID-19. Results: In our study, 27.5% of all participants and 56.4% of endodontists reported that the frequency of using rubber dam during endodontic procedures increased dur.. Read More»

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