Edgar Sabirovich Kafarov

Chechen State University, Grozny, Chechen Republic, Russia


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    Features of Blood Supply to Four-Segment Kidneys
    Author(s): Islam Uzgenbayevich Vagabov*, Edgar Sabirovich Kafarov and Petr Alexandrovich Sysoev

    The study aimed to conduct a 3D quantitative analysis of the arterial bed of four-segment kidneys and to study the characteristics of their blood supply. The authors have investigated 128 corrosive preparations of the arterial system of the human kidney made of fast-hardening polymers. The preparations were subjected to 3D scanning. 3D models were used to study the quantitative characteristics of arterial vessels and segments of the kidney depending on the topography, the number of identified segmental arteries, and arterial basins. It was found that out of 128 investigated corrosive preparations, four-segment kidneys were observed in 10.5% of cases. In those kidneys, one could distinguish the following segments: the superior pole, the inferior pole, the anterior and posterior segments. In four-segmental kidneys, regardless of the type of two-zone blood supply: (the ventral and dorsal.. Read More»

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