Faeza Nasir Toama

Department of Biology, College of Science, University of Kirkuk, Iraq


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    Diagnosing Rotifera in Old Water Tanks and treating it with Chlorine
    Author(s): Bafreen Mohamad Raza* and Faeza Nasir Toama

    This study was conducted to find out the role of chlorine in the old water tanks of different sites in Kirkuk Governorate, Iraq. The physical and chemical properties of pollutants in drinking water were studied, with 51 samples selected from 5 primary water sites. The following results were obtained: Rotifers were detected in old water tanks only in 7 samples, while the modern ones did not contain rotifers from 51 samples either. We also noted a variation in temperatures that ranged between (13-16.5?), the turbidity ratio was measured in 5 sites, where the highest percentage was in the first site and the lowest in the third site, and chlorine was used to prove its effectiveness in eliminating the initial stage, as for measuring the degree of the purity of the water, the TDS was measured, as it ranged between (522-237) mg/L, and the highest percentage was in the first site and the lowe.. Read More»

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