Feras Almarshad

Department of Internal Medicine (Haematology), College of Medicine at Shaqra, Shaqra University, Saudi Arabia


  • Review   
    Superficial Vein Thrombosis (SVT): A Therapeutics Review
    Author(s): Feras Almarshad*

    The lower limbs are frequently involved sites of the superficial vein system, especially the saphenous veins, concerning varicosities. Lower-limb SVT has the same risk factors as DVT; it can spread into the deep veins and may result in pulmonary embolism. Symptom relief and prevention of venous thromboembolism (VTE) concerning the thrombotic burden are the treatment aims. Surgery, compression hosiery, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, unfractionated heparin, and low molecular weight heparins were included in randomized clinical trials of less severe forms of lower-limb SVT not involving the saphenofemoral junction (SFJ) with inconclusive results. Fondaparinux 2.5 mg once daily for 6 weeks is more effective than placebo in reducing the risk of the composite of death from any cause and symptomatic VTE (0.9% versus 5.9%) in the largest randomized clinical trial on 3004 patients with.. Read More»

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