Ibrahim H Alfahdawi

Department of Dentistry, Al-Maaref University College, Iraq


  • Research   
    Some Denture Base Repairing Properties were investigated by Using a Variety of Surface Techniques
    Author(s): Ibrahim H Alfahdawi*

    Background: Since the 1930s, a variety of polymers have been utilized in dental operations to provide restorative dentistry, and their efficacy has been established by their morphological, biochemical, and biological properties. Inadequate design, fabrication, and/or material selection are all common causes of denture breakage. Objective: The study's goal is to test the fatigue and impact bond strength of dentures repaired using light-cured acrylic resins using various chemical solvents such as acetone, monomer, and thinner (in vitro). Materials and procedures: Heat-cure acrylic resin is used, and six sets of specimens are made using specially constructed molds, as directed on the box (5 specimens for each cured polymerization). Specimens were cut in guiding mode with a conventional positioning clamp. The samples' terminals were soaked in several solvents before repairing, inc.. Read More»

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