Ijaz Khalid

Ameer-Ud-Din Medical College Lahore, Pakistan


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    Diabetic Ketoacidosis: Update on Treatment and its Complications
    Author(s): Zainab Safdar*, Saima Abdul Haque and Ijaz Khalid

    Diabetic ketoacidosis is a quite common ailment in hospitals, despite its preventability. A large population of our country is facing diabetic ketoacidosis during their stay in the hospitals. There are many people who are facing challenges with the treatment of this common disease. The disease is easily managed by professionals nowadays. The management of this disease has been improved with a new era and new technologies. The national policies have been introduced which aid in the provision of the standard to the patients, expanding best services and decreasing the rate of deaths and disabilities in the patients with diabetic ketoacidosis. The management of diabetic ketoacidosis includes metabolic targets and leveling the electrolytes and decreasing the harmful effects of this complication... Read More»

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