Joyeeta Mahapatra

Department of conservative Dentistry and Endodontics, Sharad Pawar Dental College and Hospital, Maharashtra, India


  • Review Article   
    Use of Endodontic Guide and 3D Printing in Endodontic Procedures: A Review Article
    Author(s): Tanvi Bharuka*, Pradnya Nikhade and Joyeeta Mahapatra

    The control or conduct of calcified canal is an effortful task during endodontic practice, which is why other clinical options have been find to improve their of them, newfound is the use of guided procedures, which are thought-out to be cautious and accurate when finding calcified canals, thus diminishing the threat of operative errors and increasing the success of endodontic procedures. Root Canal Treatment (RCT) may necessitate eradicating most bacteria from the canal during biomechanical preparation. 3D printing which is being used in aerospace and defense art and design is now growing as a subject of greater passion in dentistry. 3D printing is used in various procedures in dentistry such as for framework in dental restorations, for manufacturing of drill guides in dental implants and in manufacturing of aligners or wire bending (robotically) in.. Read More»
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