Karthik Ganesh Mohanraj

Department of Anatomy, Saveetha Dental College and Hospital, Saveetha Institute of Medical and Technical Sciences (SIMATS), Saveetha University Tamilnadu, Chennai, India


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    Morphometric Localization of Mandibular Foramen with Reference to Various Anatomical Landmarks in Dry Human Mandibles and its Clinical Implications
    Author(s): Shebi S and Karthik Ganesh Mohanraj*

    The position of mandibular foramen (MF) is an important anatomical landmark for effective anesthesia in dentistry for many procedures, including dental extraction from the lower jaw and putting mandibular implants. Several causes have been examined in this context, and the uncertainty in the location of the MF has been examined to be a major factor for the high failure rate of anesthesia and complications of the orthodontic procedure. The purpose of this study was to examine and analyze the position of the MF relative to various anatomical landmarks. The different parameters were measured in 55 dry human mandibles. The data were tabulated and statistically analyzed. The mean distance between the MF and the respective landmarks was noted and they are 16.00 ± 3.50 mm for the anterior border, 10.21 ± 2.34 mm for the posterior border, 20.48 ± 3.89 mm for the superior .. Read More»

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