Khalid M Alabdulwahhab

Department of Ophthalmology, College of Medicine, Majmaah University, Al-Majmaah University, Al-Majmaah 11952, Saudi Arabia


  • Research   
    Relationship between Optic Nerve Head Morphology, Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Thickness and Refractive Errors in a Saudi Pediatric Population: A Cross-Sectional Study
    Author(s): Khalid M Alabdulwahhab*

    Background: Many biographical, ocular parameters and ocular pathologies like Glaucoma and Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) are known to affect the optic disc or macula, causing changes in the morphology of the Optic nerve head and variations in the retinal nerve fiber layer. Objective: To compare the Optic Nerve Head (ONH) morphology and Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer (RNFL) thicknesses of eyes with different types of refractive error among Saudi children from Al Hasa region, Saudi Arabia. Methods: This cross-sectional study was conducted among 117 Saudi children between 5 to 18 years of age visiting the Al-Moosa specialist hospital in Hofuf city. Children who presented with refractive errors were selected using Consecutive sampling method. An optometrist assessed the refractive status of each eye. A pediatric ophthalmologist examined anterior segment, measured intraocular ocular pressure, and as.. Read More»

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