Makarova Alexendra N

Department of Orthodontics, Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy, Ukraine


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    Computed Tomography Evaluation of Sella Turcica Dimension in Skeletal Class III Malocclusion Among Adult Ukrainian Peoples
    Author(s): Al-cablany Ebrahem Hezam* and Makarova Alexendra N

    Introduction: The sella Turcica is a midline depression in the sphenoid bone which contains the pituitary gland and distal portion of the pituitary stalk. The Sella in orthodontics is most an important skeletal constant unilateral landmark in all cephalometric analysis of the neurocranial and craniofacial complex which located at the center of sella turcica. It's used to measurement the positions of maxilla and mandible in relation to the cranium and to themselves which help in investigation, diagnosis and treatment plan. Aims : The purpose of this study was to evaluation of Sella Turcica dimension(area and perimeter) in skeletal class III malocclusion (as study group) in comparative with skeletal class I normal occlusion (as control group) among adult Ukrainian peoples by using 3D Cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT). .. Read More»

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