Manish Ajmariya

Department of Paediatrics, Government Medical College, Datia, MP, India


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    Evaluating the Number of Walls Present and its Significance on the Teeth Restored with Metal Post in Mandibular Molars
    Author(s): Manish Ajmariya, Praveen Tagore, Kamal Kachawa, Dimpal Dodiyar*, Deepika Singh and Kapil Dev Arya

    The control of the process–structure–property relationship of a material plays an important role in the design of biomedical metal devices featuring desired properties. In the field of endodontics, several post-core systems have been considered, which include a wide range of industrially developed posts. Endodontists generally use posts characterized by different materials, sizes, and shapes. The prognosis of endodontically treated teeth depends not only on the treatment itself, but also on sealing the canal and minimizing the leakage of oral fluids and bacteria into periradicular areas by prompt placement of coronal restorations.This treatment includes the decision of whether or not posts. should be used. After many years of scientific work involving post material, post geometry, post length, core material, and other considerations, the indication for posts is reemerging .. Read More»

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