Mansour K Assery

Department of Endodontics, Riyadh Elm University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


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    Assessment of Interfacial Adaptation of New Endodontic Sealers to Root Canal Dentin with and Without a Main Guttaperch Cone: An SEM Analysis
    Author(s): Majed H Al-Anazi, Shibu Thomas Mathew* and Mansour K Assery

    Aim of the study: The aim of this study was to evaluate the interfacial adaptation of EndoSequence BC sealer, MTA Fillapex and Vioseal sealers to root canal Dentin with and without a main gutta-percha cone. Material and Methods: Total of 60 single-rooted human teeth with single canal were selected and the crowns were removed at the CEJ level to standardize the root length (16 mm). Samples were instrumented using Protaper next NiTi rotary system up to size X5. After irrigation and smear layer removal samples were randomly divided according to the sealer used into three groups of 20 samples each, and each group was further subdivided based on obturation technique into six subgroup three group with cone and three group without cone of 10 sample each. Samples were stored for 48 hours before testing. Horizontal sections were obtained for all samp.. Read More»

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