Mohamed M Kandil

Department of Dental Biomaterials, Galala University, Egypt


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    Microtensile vs. Flexural Bond Strength for Bond Strength Assessment
    Author(s): Annan Ahmed Elkassaby*, Mohamed M Kandil and Ghada Atef Alian

    Introduction: Bond strength tests indicate the performance of different substrates bonded in the oral cavity. Purpose: To evaluate the reliability of the flexural bond strength test as a valid substitute for the microtensile bond strength test. Materials and Methods: Two resin matrix ceramic material (RMC) blocks (Vita Enamic and Lava Ultimate) were subjected to 4 surface treatments: Diamond bur roughening (DBR), DBR + silane application, Hydrofluoric (HF) acid etching (9.5%) and HF acid etching (9.5%) + silane application. The universal bond adhesive was applied following the surface treatments followed by the incremental packing of composite resin. RMC/composite blocks for each group were sectioned by using low-speed cutting saw to produce beam-shaped specimens. These specimens were tested with a universal testing machine for microtensile and flexural bond strength. Data were analyz.. Read More»

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