Moubarak A Aziz

Department of Biology, Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences, Nile University of Nigeria, Abuja, Nigeria


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    Isolation and Identification of Fungal Pathogens Contaminating Some Coffee Powder Marketed in the City of Abuja
    Author(s): Namla Djadjiti, Moubarak A Aziz, Onyemata K Esther and Senol Dane*

    Introduction: Coffee is the most important commercial crop in the economy of many countries in the world. The processing of raw coffee bean to coffee powder is subject to various operations of contamination by microorganisms during growth, after harvesting (when the beans are de-hulled, washed and stored) and during storing. This study was conducted to isolate and identify the contaminating fungi in some coffee powder marketed in the city of Abuja. Materials and Methods: In this study, four different Coffee samples (Gorilla’s Coffee, Nescafe 3 in 1, Café Najjar and Alcafe) were examined for fungi growth using potato dextrose agar. Results: The samples were contaminated by two fungi Aspergillus fumigatus from Gorilla’s Coffee and Candida albicans from Café Najjar with their occurrence frequ.. Read More»

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