Nagwan Elhussein

Department of Diagnostic Radiology, College of Applied Medical Science, Saudi Arabia


  • Research   
    Awareness of the Ha?il City Population towards Coronavirus and Methods of Prevention
    Author(s): Nagwan Elhussein*

    Background: The outbreak of the COVID-19 has been a matter of concern for the whole world. Meanwhile, its awareness is also very important since the cooperation of the public and the population seems to be the only way of preventing the spread of the virus. Methodology: The survey was conducted from the public of Ha’il city while the questionnaire contained different types of questions including their demographics as well as the questions related to the awareness of the COVID-19. Results: The majority of the participants tend to have the basic knowledge of the virus however, there is still a figure that lacks awareness and is not taking the necessary measures. The administration can provide an exclusive plan of awareness in order to avoid adverse effects. Conclusion: The research concludes that the basic awareness of the COVID-19 is present to the literate population. The study .. Read More»

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