Nakul Arora

Dr, Department of Public Health Dentistry, Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences, Maharashtra, India


  • Review Article   
    Medico Legal Issues in Dentistry: The Necessity of the Hour
    Author(s): Nakul Arora*, Malaika Varma, Vaishnav Kalbhut, Kumar Gaurav Chhabra, Priyanka Paul Madhu and Amit Reche

    While providing health care services, a dentist must follow certain set of protocols to avoid any charges under the heading of malpractice. Medical record is a document certified as per the Indian evidence act, 1872. A dentist is bound by laws and conduct while providing treatment to his patients. Disclosure of complete details is important in understanding the treatment, it is essential to avoid any stage of negligence by the dentist. Medicine is a respectable profession, but the practice of medicine is affected by the physician-patient relationship and the movement between the knowledge of key health professionals. Health negligence can be challenged in court under two main categories, namely legal and criminal depending on the scenario. There is also a third way, under the consumer protection act, 1986, in which the professional management provided by the denti.. Read More»
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