Olimov SSH

Bukhara State Medical Institute, Uzbekistan


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    Influence of the Quality of Life on the Formation of the Upper Jaw in Children with Pathologies of the Respiratory System
    Author(s): Olimov SSH and Durdiev JI*

    Defects and deformations of the dentition are often the reasons for the development of functional, morphological and aesthetic disorders in the dento-maxillofacial region (DMFR), and in the presence of anomalies of occlusion, the existing deviations are aggravated. The main functions of the DMF are breathing, swallowing, speaking and chewing. With deformities of the dentition, narrowing of the dental alveolar arches (DAA) of the jaws is frequent in 30.5%-58% of cases, narrowing of the jaws, especially the upper one, is often combined with other dento-maxillofacial anomalies (DMFA). The relationship between narrowing of the jaws and impaired nasal breathing (NB) has been studied by many specialists. Facial attractiveness plays a huge role in the social life (SL) of people, being an essential psychosocial factor. The face largely determines its attractiveness and is the main means of id.. Read More»

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