Rajesh Kumar Suman

Department of pharmacology, Hind Institute of medical sciences, Atria, Sitapur, India


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    Pain Modulation through Opioid and Monoaminergic Pathways in Aloe Vera Induced Analgesia in Rats
    Author(s): Snigdha Misra and Rajesh Kumar Suman*

    Objective: To study analgesic activity and to evaluate the involvement of opioid and monoaminergic pain mechanisms in the antinociceptive activity of aqueous extract of aloe vera (AEAV) Materials and Methods: Analgesic activity of AEAV alone (100, 200 and 400 mg/kg orally) and in combination with pentazocine or venlafaxine ( sub analgesic doses) were studied using tail immersion test and acetic acid induced writhing in rats. The effect of pre-treatment with opioid antagonist naltrexone 1 mg/kg was also studied. Results: AEAV produced a dose dependent significant antinociceptive activity in tail immersion test and acetic acid induced writhing in rats (P< 0.01) which is suggestive of possible central as well as peripheral action. Administration of sub analgesic dose of AEAV with pentazocine or venlafaxi.. Read More»

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