Rasha Thawab Alsubaie

Private clinic, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


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    The Knowledge and Awareness Regarding usage of Interdental Water Flosser Devices among Saudi Community
    Author(s): Dania Abdulelah Sabbahi*, Dania Othman Alnahdi, Rasha Thawab Alsubaie and Waad Saleh Aloufi

    Aim: Assess knowledge and awareness among the Saudi population of the use of interdental cleaning aids, particularly WFs, and determine the popularity of WFs as a supplementary device to toothbrushes. Material and methods: This cross-sectional, questionnaire-based study was translated from English into Arabic and included 22 dichotomous, multiple-choice, and open-ended questions. The participants were asked if they had heard of WFs, whether they used one on a regular basis, and whether they would recommend one to others (and to explain why they would/would not recommend their use). The surveys were distributed randomly via social media. Results: 322 individuals participated in this study. 96.6% of the participants were Saudi and mostly female with 89.1%. In addition, 43% of the participants were aged 18−29 years. In total, 60% of the participants used interdental aids. Dental fl.. Read More»

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