Raya J Al-Naimi

Department of Pedo Ortho Prevention, College of Dentistry, University of Mosul, Mosul, Iraq


  • Research   
    Loss of Enamel Structure of Primary Teeth on Exposure to Various Commercial Solution Available in Mosul, an in vitro study
    Author(s): Aisha A Qasim*, Baraa W Alani and Raya J Al-Naimi

    Background/purpose: The drinking of acidified drinks, accompanied by having a lower mineral content in case of enamel of deciduous teeth, is considered as a perfect mixture for the progression of dental erosion. Current study was aimed to evaluate the pH of the most common presented Beverages in Mosul city markets and to measure the detrimental effects of commercial beverages on the enamel surface in vitro by assessing the loss of weight of the tooth. Materials and Methods: The study was performed with seven different kinds of available drinks commercially present in Mosul: 2 carbonated drink, packet fruit juices, packet milk, tea, coffee and bottled water available in the Mosul markets. The pH of each solution was estimated and weighted of all teeth samples (40 extracted primary teeth). Weight of all samples was measured with a 24-hour interval for a period of 5 days changing each dr.. Read More»

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