Reem H Wahbi

Department of Dentistry, Sharurah Armed Forces Hospital, Sharurah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


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    Odontogenic Myxofibroma of the Jaw: A case report.
    Author(s): Amir Alagib, Ashraf Deyab*, Reem H Wahbi and Mohammed Abdelnasir

    Odontogenic Myxofibroma is one of the comparatively rare benign mesenchymal odontogenic tumors in the jaw with a high recurrence rate. A 28-year-old female patient reported frequent pain for over one year. Extra-oral examination and Intra-oral examination were insignificant. Orthopantomography (OPG) showed a radiolucent lesion in the left canine and premolar region. Computed tomography scan reveals a well-defined reveal radiolucent cystic cavity lesion with an intact outer border of the mandible, and resorb of the lingual cortex. An excisional biopsy was performed and multiple irregular small pieces of soft tissue were enucleated and excised. The histopathological assessment revealed loose fibromxyomatous tumors exhibit a proliferation of spindle-shaped cells that produced wide mucoid-rich intercellular stroma(myxoid areas), consistent with Odontogenic Myxofibroma. Immunohistochemistr.. Read More»

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