Rukmangadha N

Department of General Surgery, Sri Venkateshwara Institute of Medical Sciences, Sri Padmavathi Medical College (Women), Tirupati, India


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    A Retrospective Clinical Study of Gastroduodenal Perforation Peritonitis
    Author(s): Narendra MC, Ramakrishna B*, Mutheeswaraiah Y, Rukmangadha N, Kadivella Aditya Sarma and Aggarapu Mallikarjuna Pavan

    Introduction: Perforated Gastroduodenal ulcer followed by generalized peritonitis is common surgical emergency. Perforation is associated with increased mortality, accounting for greater than 35% of all peptic ulcer-related deaths. There is significant correlation between delayed surgical interventions for more than 24 hours to postoperative complications. Materials and Methods: A Retrospective clinical study of Gastroduodenal perforation peritonitis on patients who underwent exploratory laparotomy in the department of General surgery at SVIMS, SPMC (W), TIRUPATI. All the required data is retrieved from the medical records department of the SVIMS, SPMC (W) hospital. The data like age, sex of patient, other demographic data, detailed history of acute abdomen, past history of gastroduodenal ulcer disease, smoking, alcohol intake, abuse of analgesics and steroids, general examination fin.. Read More»

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