Saad Ahmed Mohammed

Department of human anatomy and histology, College of Medicine, University of Tikrit, Iraq


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    Study of Geometrical Measurements of an Adult Human Canine Tooth in Both Jaws in Salah Al-Din Governorate
    Author(s): Naba’a Ahmed Al-Nasiri*, Saad Ahmed Mohammed and Mohammed Ahmed Abdullah

    Background: Variation in tooth measurements is influenced by genetic and environmental factors. Tooth size varies between and within different racial groups. Objectives: the aim of study was to improve the quality of dental care available, and to allow highly precise measurements using an approximation of the mean of each parameter for each canine tooth form. Material and Methods: 26 patients were selected, with ages ranging from 20-40 years old, for eight canine tooth measurements done with two methods: cone beam computed tomography, and extracted canine teeth measured with digital Vernier caliper. Results: result revealed that the length of the crown is longer in females than males, while the mesiodistal width is larger in males than females, and the length of the root is longer in males than females, according to sex. Conclusions: Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) imaging allows.. Read More»

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