Saba Sadiq

Akhtar Saeed Medical and Dental College, Lahore, Pakistan


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    Cover-Medicalization: A Modern Problem Divisible from Medicalization
    Author(s): Umar Farooq M*, Saba Sadiq and Faiza Azam

    The question has been mongering around that is the use of medicine dangerous? What are the set limits of medicine usage? The purpose of this review paper is to highlight the pragmatic criteria and set boundaries that aid in differentiating between medicalization and over-medicalization. When a problem in a human body is considered a medical problem, then this consideration comes with various consequences. It also raises questions about the accuracy of this statement which called the issue a medical problem. However, certain boundaries can neither b crossed nor questioned which encapsulates various areas of human existence. This review paper will discuss the following points: (i) Consequences of both medicalization and over-medicalization; (ii) Exhibit that optimum model of health cannot be established which can help in setting the boundaries for medicine use; (iii) Guiding questions h.. Read More»

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