Safa Munir Abdulsattar

Department of Orthodontics, College of Dentistry, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq


  • Research   
    Effect of Different Prestretchings on Force Decay of Synthetic Orthodontic Elastomeric Modules at Different Time Intervals (An In vitro Study)
    Author(s): Safa Munir Abdulsattar* and Iman I Al-Sheakhli

    Background: This study aims to investigate the effect of prestretching on the force degradation of elastomeric chains. Materials and methods: 500 samples from Ormco company both generation I and generation II elastics were divided into control and experimental groups for prestretching including 1 time 50% prestretching, 3 times 50% prestretching, 1 time 75% prestretching and 3 times 75% prestretching groups. Experimental groups are prestretched in one or three stretchings in quick sequential manner using dental clamp holder inside boxes made to give an increase of 50% or 75% of the elastics initial length. Samples were applied to pins fixed in acrylic plates made with a fixed distance so that all control samples deliver 200 grams of force initially. Samples were stored in artificial saliva at 37C in an incubator. Forces were measured at five-time intervals. Statistical analysis includ.. Read More»

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