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    Evaluation of Beta-Tri Calcium Phosphate as Bone Substitute Materials for Ridge Preservation after Extraction Procedure (Comparative Study)
    Author(s): Shahbaa Ahmed Hadi and Sahar Shakir Al-Adili*

    Background: Bucco-lingual alveolar ridge collapse and significant ridge atrophy because of physiologic bone remodeling may continue up to 12 months’ post-extraction. Bone substitute with suitable graft material and barrier membrane immediately after tooth extraction is most predictable way in ridge preservation. A synthetic graft, pure phase β-tricalcium phosphate, has been documented in human and animal studies to be resorbed and replaced by vital bone after 4 months with CBCT examination, in addition to resorbable collagen membrane for better stabilization. In addition to preserve the ridge volume the clinical observations revealed excellent soft tissue healing without loss of attached gingiva. Aims of the study: 1-To evaluate the effect of bio absorbable bone graft Material (B-tri calcium phosphate) with a c.. Read More»

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