Sanober Qazi

Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Civil Hospital, Thatta, Pakistan


  • Research   
    Incidence of Anemia in Pregnancy in Remote area of Hyderabad Pakistan
    Author(s): Nazia Memon, Madhu Bala, Meena Bai, Nazish Naqvi*, Sanober Qazi and Wahida Memon

    The major health problem mainly in the developed countries is anemia during pregnancy which is linked with the many side effects. World health organization (WHO) has set the limit to define anemia if the hemoglobin (Hb) level is less than 11 g/dl WHO has stated that if the prevalence of anemia is 5.0% or higher it should be considered as a significant problem. If in any population the prevalence of anemia is more than 40% it must be specified as a major health problem. It was a cross-sectional study containing 380 women age ranges between 19-42 years. All healthy pregnant women with HB less than 11g/dl were recruited into the study. Information may be obtained on the health, such as continuity, menstrual features, infections, iron, or blood transfusions, etc. The government needs to take strong steps to boost women's education and socio-economic status, increase the number of heal.. Read More»

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