Sarala KS

Department of Hospital Administration and Community Medicine, Ramaiah Medical College Hospital, Bangalore, India


  • Research   
    Assessing the Burden of Health Care Associated Infection in Correlation with Patient Characters and Length of Stay
    Author(s): Sarala KS, Narendranath V and Nandakumar BS*

    Background: Health Care Associated Infections [HAI] are most common among patients who get admitted to any kind of health care setting. The percentage of Health Care Associated Infections is more in developing countries when compared to developed countries. Health Care Associated Infections commonly spreads through the medical devices, medical and para medical professionals. It has been shown that Severity of HAI depends on patient characteristics such as age, gender, underlying diseases, immune status, invasive devices used during procedures. Methods: Retrospective data was collected for all the in-patients admitted to Ramaiah medical college hospital for the period of 2013 to 2015 (3 years). Data included factors like total number of in-patient’s age group, gender, average length of stay (ALS). Results: Ret.. Read More»

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