Senol Dane

Department of Physiology, Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, College of Health Sciences, Nile University of Nigeria, Abuja, Nigeria


  • Research Article   
    Usik Wiwitan Relaxation for Psychological Wellbeing among Primipara Pregnant Women in Bandung, Indonesia
    Author(s): Siti Sugih Hartiningsih*, Suryani, Yeti Hernawati, Weny Lestari and Senol Dane

    Introduction: Usik Wiwitan relaxation exercises in West Java is the local traditional complementary treatment. The aim of this study is to investigate the effectiveness of Uvik Wiwitan relaxation application in decreasing of anxiety in primipara pregnant women. Method: Pregnant women were divided into two groups: Intervention and Control randomly. The intervention group underwent the guided Usik Wiwitan relaxation for 12 weeks, while control group acted as controls. State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI) was used to assess the scores associated with anxiety. Results: The anxiety scores decreased after Usik Wiwitan relaxation exercises in primipara pregnant women in third trimester. Conclusion: The Usik Wiwitan relaxation can decrease the anxiety of primipara pregnant women. It can be accepted that it has the potential method for the pregnant women’s health programs... Read More»

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