Shabnam Sayyad

Department of Mental Health Nursing, Smt. Radhikabai Meghe Memorial College of Nursing, Datta Meghe Institute of medical Sciences (Deemed to be University), Sawangi (M) Wardha Maharashtra, India


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    To Assess the Effectiveness of Positive Parenting Teaching for the Self-Esteem Development among Caregivers of Pre-Adolescence
    Author(s): Shabnam Sayyad* and Jaya Gawai

    Background: Parenting is one of the strongest influences on children, particularly, during their early childhood years. Early life experiences form the foundation for brain architecture and scientists now know that a major ingredient in this brain development process is the interaction between children with their parents or caregivers. Positive parenting is focused on developing a strong, deeply committed relationship between parent and child based on communication and mutual respect. Positive Parenting focuses on teaching children not just what but also why. Positive parenting means training children toward self-control. Aim: The aim of this study is to assess the effectiveness of positive parenting teaching on development of self-esteem among Primary care givers of preadolescence. Objectives: To assess the existing self- esteem among primary care givers of preadolescence on developm.. Read More»

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