Shailesh Nagpure

Department of pharmacology, Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Science, Sawangi, Wardha, India


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    Role of Prostaglandin Analogue in Glaucoma and its Side Effects
    Author(s): Shrutika Tathod and Shailesh Nagpure*

    Glaucoma is disorder in which degeneration of gangliocytes in retina takes place. Intraocular pressure increases in glaucoma. So, only therapeutic approach for consideration of this disorder is to lower the pressure inside which get increased. Prostaglandin analogue causes reduce in intra ocular pressure. Treatment also includes laser therapy and incisional surgery. Laser surgery to create small openings in the trabecular meshwork of eye from which aqueous humor can drain to reduce intraocular pressure which is called as laser trabeculoplasty and selective laser treatment of same, both, increases outflow of aqueous humor through trabecular meshwork. Surgical procedures include trabeculoctomy, implantation of drainage tube or ciliary body cyclodestruction. Still the treatment has to start with intra ocular pressure reduction. Major drug classes which have therapeutic importance for Gla.. Read More»

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