Svitlana Nestulya

Department of Personnel Management, Poltava University of Economics and Trade, Labor Economics and Economic Theory, Higner Educational Establishment of Ucoopspilka, Poltava, Ukraine


  • Research   
    Investigating the Didactic System of Research Competence Formation for Prospective PE Instructors
    Author(s): Nataliia Kononets*, Svitlana Nestulya, Iryna Soloshych, Valeriy Zhamardiy and Vladislav Odokienko

    The current article defines the terms «system,» «didactic system,» as well as «research competence.» the Didactic System of Research Competence Formation for prospective PE Instructors identified by sincerity, the elements' plurality, the association among them, hierarchy, meaning, the opportunity of performing and managing, is reliably confirmed. The scientific novelty of the given didactic system rests with forming a brand-new content of each of its blocks and building an association. The didactic system's motivation-targeted, conceptual, semantic, activity, control-evaluation blocks, and components are focused on and verified in the system-component study. The didactic requirements of the formation of research competence of prospective PE teachers in professional training and feasible means of their achievement are taken into account. Thi.. Read More»

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