T Shri Sindhuja

Sree Balaji Medical College & Hospital Affiliated to Bharath Institute of Higher Education and Research, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India


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    Prevalence of Comorbidities in Atopic Dermatitis
    Author(s): T Shri Sindhuja*

    High prevalence of comorbidities has been recorded in AD patients compared to normal subjects, hence this study was done. A group of 100 patients above the age of 5 years, diagnosed with AD were examined and investigated for personal or family history of atopy, and co-morbidities like diabetes mellitus, fatty liver, depression, and obesity. In our study, female predominance was noted. It was found that majority number of individuals had a BMI less than 25. History of diabetes was found that 17 out of a total of 100 patients had history of diabetes mellitus, with 12 females and 5 males being affected. Almost 63% had personal history of atopy. we found only 19 % of our study population to have depression. Elevated levels of serum IgG were observed. Only 2 out of a total of I 00 patients had fatty liver... Read More»

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