Taibe Tokgoz Kaplan

Department of Pediatric Dentistry, SELCUK UNIVERSITY, Konya, Turkey


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    Depth of Cure and Microhardness of a New Composite vs. Bulk-fill Composites
    Author(s): Ali Riza Cetin, Ahmet Ercan Hataysal, Taibe Tokgoz Kaplan* and Murat Selim Botsali

    Aim: To compare the depth of cure of new composite with bulk fill resin composites through using Vickers hardness profiles (VHN). Materials and Methods: New composite and four bulk fill composite materials were examined: Tetric N Ceram®Bulk Fill, X-tra base, Compon, Filtek Posterior Bulk Fill, Sonic FillTM. Eight specimens of each material type were prepared in teflon molds which contained a slot of dimensions (8 mm × 4 mm × 2 mm), and a top plate. The molds were irradiated from one end. All specimens were stored at 37°C for 24 h, before measurement. The Vickers hardness was measured as a function of depth of material, at 1 mm intervals. Data were analyzed by one-way ANOVA using Turkey post hoc tests (p=0.05). Results: The maximum VHN ranged from 46.7 to 68.1, whilst the 80% of max. VHN ranged f.. Read More»

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