Tara H Haji

Kurdistan Board for Medical Specialist, Iraq


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    Sealing Ability and Biocompatibility of Different Bioceramic Based Sealers
    Author(s): Tara H Haji*, Bahar J Selivany and Abdulhaq A Suliman

    Introduction: The effectiveness of root canal therapy in endodontic practice is largely determined by achieving a compact fluid-tight closure at the apical end of the root canal, which inhibits irritant entry and buildup, which leads to a biological breakdown of the attachment mechanism and failure. During obturation, root canal sealers are used in conjunction with gutta percha to fill voids and seal root canals. Root canal sealers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each with its own set. Aim: Biocompatibility was tested on animal models, and sealing ability was assessed using Scanning Electronic Microscope. Materials &methods: This study utilized two Bioceramic sealers (BioRoot RCS and Meta Biomed bio_ ceramic sealer (CeraSeal RCS) and compared the findings to a control of Zinc oxide eugenol sealer. Biocompatibility was determined by examining histopathological biopsy specime.. Read More»

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