Valeriy Zhamardiy

Department of Physical Education and Health, Physical Therapy, Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy, Ergotherapy with Sports Medicine and Physical Rehabilitation, Poltava, Ukraine


  • Research   
    Investigating the Pedagogical and Psychological Features of the PE Teacher?s Activities During Mastering Fitness Technologies
    Author(s): Valeriy Zhamardiy*, Olena Shkola, Olena Kolhan, Ruslana Padalka and Tetyana Kolgan

    The growth and experimental check of the teacher's physical training activity's psychological and pedagogical features while learning fitness technologies have been conducted in this study. It can be inferred that all the competencies of physical education (PE) teachers are almost interdependent, interconnected, and part of the methodological system of using health technologies in students' educational, physical training process. Relying on their degree and the quality of their compound in the educational procedure, the teacher's professional activity style is made. To satisfy that goal, throughout the study and experimental work, a questionnaire was formed. Throughout the study and experimental work, the level of development of professional and pedagogical understanding, talents as well as capabilities of teachers of PE departments was defined. An essential reason tha.. Read More»

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