Veli Alper Gorgen

Private Dentist, Malatya, Turkey


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    A Comprehensive Survey of Dental Rehabilitation Under General Anaesthesia at a Dental Hospital in Turkey
    Author(s): Gulsum Duruk*, Raziye Kuru and Veli Alper Gorgen

    Objective: Although families worry about possible complications of dental rehabilitation under general anaesthesia (DRGA), it is a treatment option for children with dental anxiety or special needs. DRGA, one of the indispensable treatment options of dentistry, is especially common in paediatric dentistry. The purpose of this survey was to describe the characteristics of the children receiving DRGA at a faculty of dentistry in Turkey, and to investigate the complications of DRGA and families' approach to the issue. Methods: 372 children under the age of 16, who underwent DRGA were included. The patients were divided into two groups. Group 1 was formed from healthy children with dental anxiety (n=159), and Group 2 was formed from CSHCN (n=213). The complications during and after DRGA were recorded. A survey was conducted to parents. Resul.. Read More»

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