Waqas Sami

Department of Community Medicine & Public Health College of Medicine, Saudi Arabia


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    Work Related Respiratory Complications among the Worker of Qassim Cement Industry of Qassim Region, Saudi Arabia
    Author(s): Mohammad Shakil Ahmad, Waqas Sami* and Motaib Eid Alharbi

    Introduction: Worldwide community is facing increasing risks of respiratory diseases due to production of smoke and dust in different occupational and industrial sectors. According to a recent report by the Ministry of Health here in Saudi Arabia top priority and initiation has been taken for Environmental and Occupational Health General Department, as a principal body that is responsible to oversee all the environmental, occupational measures and procedures in terms of health facilities, their work environment, and their safety. Implementing such a strategy and supervising it is devolved to the Presidency of Metrology and Environment (PME). The main role of the Environmental and Occupational Health General Department is to highlighting programs related to occupational health and safety, air quality, nutritional and chemical safety, drinking water quality, sewage and .. Read More»

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